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Professional Car Wash

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Alkaline tire cleaner with advanced solvent and surfactant packages.


Dilution Ratio: N/A

Safety Data Sheet
Blitz Powder

Alkaline powder tire cleaner.


Dilution Ratio: Mix one box per 55 gallons of water.

Safety Data Sheet
Blitz Powder Booster

Booster for Blitz powder with an advanced solvent package for additional tire cleaning.


Dilution Ratio: Mix one gallon per box of Blitz Powder.

Safety Data Sheet
High Line Tri Coat Blue

Ultra-high foaming triple coat that provides support to rinse aids for a drier car. Now with 2X Fruit slices!


Dilution Ratio: 90-128:1

Safety Data Sheet

Non-foaming clear coat that bonds to the clearcoat of the car. It helps water bead off the car for up to a month.


Dilution Ratio: 90-128:1

Safety Data Sheet
Foamzilla Blue

Ultra-high foaming cherry scented economy triple foam designed for long tunnels with adequate rinse. Now with 2X cherry fragrance!


Dilution Ratio: 128-300:1

Safety Data Sheet